HyreCar is a digital marketplace for private individuals and dealers to provide vehicles to drivers in the Rideshare & “Transportation as a Service” (TaaS) industry.

HyreCar enables rideshare/TaaS drivers to enter the gig-economy today with the goal of owning a vehicle tomorrow. HyreCar creates a path to purchase allowing drivers to earn income immediately utilizing the platform for their vehicle needs through dealers. We call it Earn to Own™.


Only HyreCar offers designated dealer and peer to peer vehicles on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to serve driver’s ‘on-demand’ vehicle needs. Proprietary technology leverages a dealer’s existing infrastructure & investment to earn recurring revenue and sell more vehicles. HyreCar’s platform administers the driver vetting, payment collection, insurance, and marketing which enables individuals & dealers to profit from emerging TaaS opportunities with no capital investment. 

There is an extreme shortage of vehicles for qualified and vetted drivers. Over 50,000 drivers a month apply for on-demand transportation opportunities. 40% of those applicants do not own a vehicle, do not have a qualifying vehicle, or wish to use a different vehicle. HyreCar addresses that demand for the benefit of both vehicle owners and drivers. HyreCar processes over 25,000 driver applications per month nationally.