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Digital Downforce was created to serve progressive dealerships with industry-unique virtual training and dealer-specific digital marketing to excel in their markets.


To ensure continued and sustainable performance improvements, Digital Downforce offers proprietary Business Intelligence Dashboards (BI) with real-time metrics that pinpoint opportunities to maximize results. Training and marketing efforts are based on dealer-specific BI Dashboard indicators.  Innovative virtual-training modules work in concert with the BI Dashboard information to keep the sales staff accountable, relevant and engaged. Digital/Downforce offers an industry-first accreditation program that rewards curriculum completion. Digital/Downforce certificates are provided for internal and social media promotion to acknowledge individual successes.

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HyreCar is a digital marketplace for private individuals and dealers to provide vehicles to drivers in the Rideshare & “Transportation as a Service” (TaaS) industry.

HyreCar enables rideshare/TaaS drivers to enter the gig-economy today with the goal of owning a vehicle tomorrow. HyreCar creates a path to purchase allowing drivers to earn income immediately utilizing the platform for their vehicle needs through dealers. We call it Earn to Own™.


Only HyreCar offers designated dealer and peer to peer vehicles on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to serve driver’s ‘on-demand’ vehicle needs. Proprietary technology leverages a dealer’s existing infrastructure & investment to earn recurring revenue and sell more vehicles. HyreCar’s platform administers the driver vetting, payment collection, insurance, and marketing which enables individuals & dealers to profit from emerging TaaS opportunities with no capital investment. 

There is an extreme shortage of vehicles for qualified and vetted drivers. Over 50,000 drivers a month apply for on-demand transportation opportunities. 40% of those applicants do not own a vehicle, do not have a qualifying vehicle, or wish to use a different vehicle. HyreCar addresses that demand for the benefit of both vehicle owners and drivers. HyreCar processes over 25,000 driver applications per month nationally. 

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Reviver is home to the world's first digital license plate that is now legal to purchase in several states, with more being added this year.

The Rplate® looks amazing and provides a modern update to any vehicle, but here are some more great reasons to own the world’s first Digital License Plate a.k.a., The Rplate®. 

1. Vehicle theft-deterrent. Thieves often remove or swap plates when they steal a car. The Rplate® is difficult to remove and would take time and draw attention even if it were removed. The Rplate® also sends a text notice to the owner immediately if it’s detached. 

2. Approved personalized vanity plates can be immediately downloaded to your Rplate®.

3. Eliminate DMV visits for routine registration renewal. The Rplate® smartphone app provides control and convenience of your digital plate's unique features and allows for simple app-based registration renewal.

4. Registration tags are digital and cannot be stolen or defaced. Approximately 20% of traditional license plates and stickers are stolen and/or defaced annually and result in a huge inconvenience to the registered owner to replace.

5. Eliminate DMV late fees. Many people get their renewal notice months early and forget to pay them only to incur extra fees. Credit card payment options for digital registration renewal in addition to online/Rplate app registration notifications are part of the Rplate® suite of benefits.

6. The Rplate® utilizes a 5-year user-serviceable self-contained battery. No hard-wiring is required to the vehicle's electrical systems. 

7. The Rplate® is transferable to your next vehicle. You own it!

8. Ability to add a custom message that is user-changeable below the license plate number (i.e. Have a Nice Day! - Pre-approved messages only.) Unique messages can be submitted to Reviver for pre-approval.

9. Rplate® displays a ‘detached’ message in the unlikely event that the Rplate® is successfully removed without the owner's permission.

10. More exciting features and functionality to be announced soon!


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